It’s been a tough esthetics learning year for you girls for the freshly graduated estheticians and the ones that graduated close before March of 2020.

Welcome in continuing to thirst for more knowledge. If you feel and know your world is limitless your life will be abundant because of that effortless confidence. knowledge is power girls lets use it to conquer in life.

I have been an established self-employed Esthetician since 2018. Trained for Plasma Fibroblast 2018. Completed multiple certifications to enhance knowledge and expand my Menu.  I hit the ground running out of beauty school. Friends have told me I have a niche for Teaching, training Guiding. My class voted me as “the best Helpful Leader’ My most rewarding experience was becoming a surgical technician for ophthalmology doctors for 10 years It helped me grow my knowledge, learning body, skin and conditions and the effects on people. Then decided to have a part time job at Sephora, now that took me to another level of an inspirational dream career.

If you keep wanting to learn and grow in the fulfillment of helping others, you are going to be rewarded times fold and have success. I will give you the best teachings to help you be ready to make that client long term and to be rewarded in so many amazing ways.

Being able to guide licensed Estheticians will bring knowledge for problem solving, learning the best ways to make the job easier, learning small pointers to make a great difference in your company learning how to start setting the background to cover all the legalities and requirements of the business.

You will have availability for support once the trainings are done. We will keep in touch. The awesome option you will have is working at the location of training I will be there to guide you and have you work on actual clients to feel that support from me and build your confidence. if interested let me know we will talk about pay and details at the end of training.

In the training I will teach how to start your name, to keeping legalities up to date and up to part how to organize if you decided to become an independent owner. We will work on each other, hands on and get comfortable doing it with support always